Thursday, March 21, 2013

flowers in all things

shall I speak of, my love, the reason for my love for thee?
'tis because thou hast opened up thy heart to me

to its garden lush, thou freely gave me gate key
and welcomed by your beauty, I drank in its purest honey

settling on thy branches, nestled within thy leaves
I found solace there and began to spread my wings

now ever will I sing with devoted, sweetened melody
for this once lost songbird sees now the flowers in all things

Friday, March 15, 2013

For my lover's eye

a star, shimmering silently,
far and lone in the vast expanse of night
so swiftly sputters to almost nothing
in a flickering, fruitless flame
without that keen and eager eye--

for it is that lover, gazing hungrily 
into the rich and deep midnight sky
who catches star and views its beauty
that imbues purpose into its fire;
as beauty can only be beholden
otherwise forgotten, neglected
into all the bother, dies

--and so it is, my love, that I ever long
to be held, kindled within your sight
for your love fills me with meaning
and gives me reason to shed this light.