Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life Words

what Words can well describe what any human has done?
for when life's indescribable, Words equal to, there are none;
but even so must we try, as humans do, to give voice to our own,
to make our mark on this tomb, before our tomb we call home.

and so must I speak, of my life, how well lived; when
I was created by a Word, and through a Word did breathe in
my first taste of this earth, the desert air, in summer dawn,
and nestled in mother's tongue, was counseled in mores wrong.

and thus I must speak of those Words that stole time,
of those that clouded my pure heart, and darkened my red eyes,
and of the Words that I wore, with a shame and a worry,
defining myself, with the Words they bore through me.
and so, too, must I speak, of the Words that did rise,
that illumined my spirit, and made my ears wise,
how they guided me from the tyranny of my own mind,
and how those wise Words did save this poor life.

and thus through these Words, have I conveyed to you,
though necessarily failing so, these Words ever tried for truth:
life is more than Words, but more than Words, life cannot be,
for Words give life to life, as life brings Words to be.