Friday, July 27, 2012

Life Beget

What more from does Life beget, than Life's preserving breath?

As whether by decay or fresh grow, 'tis change that Life does know, 
and with such change in stride, from the future cannot Life hide,
but must cope with blessings and blows. And thus I posit so:

that 'tis hope and dreams upon, which Life is withal drawn,
the promise of the new; as without, naught has Life to do,
and so how is Life to be, when Life does not believe?

When imagination is foul stolen, wishes withered, fancy broken,
suffocation only is Life left; as is, when forbidden breath.

Likewise to supress dreams, is to Life oppressive, tyranny--
whether from without or within--hope, must needs for Life to begin,
and so, too, does hope Life beget; as it is in our dreams, Life is set.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New e-book, "By Death's Feather"

Available now for free download on, is my new ebook, By Death's Feather (or, the fantastical journey of the late Ms. Alicia K. Pembleton: A philosophical and entirely fictional tale of the recently dead).

By Death's Feather
Ms. Alicia K. Pembleton, a 29-year-old social worker, who, after being crushed by the wheels of a large black truck, finds herself dead and wandering through the afterlife.

There is one slight twist in this soul's tragic turn of fate, however--Ms. Pembleton is (or more accurately, was) an atheist. She would thus prefer to deny the fact of her death and the truth of her situation. Alas, her unbelief is challenged by a perhaps unwelcome companion, Geo, a psychopomp who appears to Ms. Pembleton in the form of a fuzzy and frayed childhood lion toy.

Ms. Pembleton must now reluctantly unravel the mysteries and miseries of her past physical and current spiritual existence, while also dealing with her surviving family's future, in a quest to reunite with her sister, Sarah.

By Death's Feather deals with such weighty themes as life and death, family, hope, faith, honesty, persistence, joy, pain and suffering, and above all, forgiveness, in an almost shockingly light-hearted manner.

An enjoyable exploration of the faith and hope that lies within all of us, irrespective of doctrinal belief, it should appeal to readers of a variety of ages and backgrounds.

Like all of the poetry on this blog, By Death's Feather has been independently produced and written by me, and is currently available for download. AND IT'S CURRENTLY FREE!!! That's right - I said FREE!!! So, even if you only enjoyed one word on this blog, please check it out!  And if you do enjoy it, or even if you hate it, please leave your honest rating or review.  I spent the past 2 1/2 years working on this novel, and would really appreciate your feedback!

The book is available on, an electronic publishing house for independent authors.  Smashwords will publish an electronic version of your book for free on their site, and will distribute copies to major online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, etc.  As someone who supports independent art, I hope that you will check out other Smashwords authors, even if you do not download my book. 

And, just in case you missed that link, the book is available for DOWNLOAD here. 

Thanks so much for your support!

- Soha

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fly Fishing

The lake is empty, the fish have flown
for it's the weekend, and their time to roam
they'll visit the desert, bathe in the sun
lounge with the lizards, and when they're done
they'll slink home to the water, the fun is through--
it's back to catching flies, in Abiquiu

This short poem was written in response to a request, with the specified topics being "fly fishing, New Mexico, and weekend."