Sunday, April 22, 2012

a rabbit world

we've carved a strange hole
in this world we call home

we've cut and contorted
our selves to belong

our bodies are all twisted
constrained in this pit

should we swap burrows
or try to still fit?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

when we had none

what sweetness is this, offered to parched lips,
honey of the freshest flowers from home
yet its nectar is nothing, when heart is still wanting,
the taste of those dreamlands, far gone

for how sweet seem those days, when lost our own way,
but knew that the route was wrong
wandering in this haze, bleeding love upon our page,
surrounded, and yet still so alone

for nightmare it seemed, yet more was it dream,
more precious when long done
for sacrifice soon guided, to the path that was righted,
and prize is greatest, if hard won

and now sit we at our hearth, covered by comfort,
remembering those days before dawn--
whatever wealth brings we, will only seem poorly,
compared to when we had none

Thursday, April 5, 2012

on my mother's birthday

a mother has made every part of me
spun with threads from her all
not only her belly, but her being, fully,
embuing her spirit, withall,

first with her limbs, that guided truly
her legs carried me to life
and then in her arms, a cradled baby,
shielded from darkness of night

her milk filled my hungry tummy
tongue nurtured a thirsty mind
nose sniffed out all that was smelly,
I learned moderation from her eyes

and so it is that my mother made me
indeed, I owe her most everything
and so it is that I shall serve her, purely,
even as I shall so serve the Supreme.