Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine's day poems

 will you be my valentine
all I got is this clementine
'tho it tastes a bit like lime
still its sour will still be fine
if you'll say you'll be mine


twenty toes
and four feet
we chose twos
in a heart beat

never had a sweetheart
never sniffed a rose
today I got my new start
with your sweet propose


 you are my rock
you are my mountain
if I build my heart here
joy will be found then


your happy face
makes my heart gleam
like a lightbulb
you are my soul's sheen


like a watermelon
without seeds
you fulfill my
every need


you red delicious
you made my heart

 a valentine's day card project  
illustrations by Roshani Ludher
poetry by Soha Turfler

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  1. These are wonderful, the last one is hilarious !! :)