Monday, October 31, 2011

come away

Come away with me to a special place,
where you're neither defined by the size of your pocketbook,
nor the beauty of your face,
where the scent of the air is laced with honey,
not the acrid stink of a rat race,
where you can drink deeply from crystal streams,
unpolluted by greed and waste,
where under the stars we can merrily live,
and the fruit of our labor taste,
and sitting, dreaming by a great sycamore fig,
be assured that we are safe.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

a hot shower

I wanna take hot showers;
I wanna king size bed;
I wanna smell like flowers- 
not like the land of the dead.

I don't wanna taste sour;
I don't wanna eat old bread;
But I wanna devour-
the bestest recipe cook's read.

I want it to be creamier;
and placed out in a spread;
and after a bath much steamier;
I'll feast until I'm fed.

'tho I know life would be no easier, 
if leisure was the life I led,
for paradise grows a whole lot weedier, 
if gardener rests an unwearied head,

So I guess I'll take cold showers,
and eat that crusty bread,
for it is well within my power
to live modestly, instead.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

the spiral of a rose

Tonight I swam in the stormy sea
inside the stem of bright blue rose.
I sought to confer with her dainty petals
to seek a solution to all man's woes.

And so long did we converse
trying to fathom the life we chose.

though dizzied by her perfect spiral
and confounded by a gleeful nose-
soon I tired of watery wading, 
and so politely turned to go.

But climbing down her leafy ladder,
almost drunk on her learned prose,
I cut myself on an unassuming thorn,
and falling down, I lost all I had come 
to know.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

beyond the number

I am not that number
that number is not me
I am unencumbered
from all those twos & threes,
for our variable's a wonder,
a sequence to infinity,
and beyond our final slumber,
our equation will still be.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There walked that sweet gazelle

There walked that sweet gazelle, with the amaranthine eyes,
and with words as soft as milk, who tamed the boundless skies,
the whole earth was her realm, and through her was made wise,
and when she bounded forth, our spirits too, did rise.

But the ones who hate the truth, and gorge upon their pride,
sought to kill the sweet gazelle, to crush her sacred life,
they released their dogs of war, hounds fed upon their lies,
and twisted all her words, made murder here the prize.

And soon our poor gazelle, bleeding from their tries,
was made to suffer in her land, the heavens shook with cries.

But despite their filthy claws, despite their savage bites,
she never gave up hope, and she never them despised,
but ever sang of truth, ever championing our rights,
for she was so much more than flesh, her body a disguise,
beyond their stratagems, she would ever shine so bright.

And though her song was subtle, she called many to the light,
and soon we all will live, in her day without a night.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the empire you have won

Do you rightly reign
in that empire you have won?
Do your people smile
with the deeds you have done?
Will you stand upright
when you greet the life to come?
Or will they laugh and jeer
once your filthy end's begun?

For all your land and power
mean nothing when you're gone,
if the seeds you've sown shrivel
in the majestic might of the Sun,
your actions must be luminous
your breathings tinged with love,
only then will you have conquered,
will this fertile land be one.

Monday, October 24, 2011

friendship is not just a word

tell me, are you inclined to feel
our friendship in words alone
for when we are stricken ill
will you leave us on our own?

and if your imagined joy lies
through our hearts' pollution
will you your foul toxin deny
or will you cheer for dissolution?

must we keep your speak in eye
but hold your deeds under noses
sniffing out what your acts belie
fearing the shadows you've chosen?

for so many a seeming friend
has left us used and broken
enticing us to our soft heart lend
and then betraying hearts' devotion

But even tho' such tears at trust
may rip our heart to decimation
we must not leave hope out to rust
but bring forgiveness into creation

And tho' our bonds may have failed
we have found something better--
to link our chains what the eternal Willed
detached from those empty letters

And still we seek a friendship that is pure
where each prefers the other
where love and trust remains secure
where we may truly say, my brother.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something about it

Can someone please change my batteries?
for my rpm's been feelin' a bit lagging,
frayed at the edges, worn and haggard,
more like a grey ferret, than a pink rabbit.
and this revolution's sluggish turning,
reveals sad rhymes, rather revolting,
monuments to an artist's bad habits.

Maybe I need an electric shock or a jump
to get those viscous juices flowing,
a catalyst of cataclysmic proportions, 
to throw my mind's molecules into creative convulsion,
for this dreary dallying has dessicated 
what was once a deluge of dreaming,
and now that I brought my rainboots,
I look rather ridiculous, conspicuous,
in the dry land of my imagination.

Of course, I'm not asking for trouble,
for trouble is a generous gentleman, 
always obliging,
and I'm a rather poor hostess for his long visits,
always saying the wrong thing,
always forgetting the tea and biscuits. 

But I am asking for something
if at least something could visit,
for I would like to say something about it, 
but right now--
I have little of it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

a song of devotion

entranced by Thy Beauty
bidden by Thy Love
intoxicated by Thy Words 
inspired by Thy Call

I have come
Thy handmaiden, 
Thy thrall,
with utmost devotion
to consecrate my all,
with no expectations
no desires, no wants,
but to serve Thy Cause

for Thy light is my beacon,
Thy rose scented waters
my anodyne, my salve

may this small offering
be accepted,
for I have nothing to speak of,  
only these hands,  
these hopes,
and the sugared ink  
of my meager tongue

may my humble sacrifice
be accepted,
for I have nothing to offer
but these gifts
I have been given--
and yet these gifts
you have given me, 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

through lightning

may this prayer purify my heart,
like raindrops falling on roses,
their delicate petals refreshed
in the limpid streams of water.

may this prayer reawaken my mind,
like a land once dried and pallid,
now healed in a bountiful torrent,
desert sand lapping at the liquid.

may this prayer enliven my soul
like a phoenix from the ashes,
a flash illuminating the stormy sky,
through lightning, reinvigorated.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a House founded upon itself

For too long
we have resided
in a House of Expectations,
founded upon nothing
but itself.

Gorging ourselves
upon a meager harvest,
believing we were destined
for something

If only 
we filled our own promises,
pulled ourselves out of
this imaginary

Awakened to
that which we were created,
made ourselves worthy
of all this

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Betraying the blanket

Every day I do betray 
the blanket on my bed,
for though it sings of morning slumber--
I must always rise instead.

Every day I hear it calling
lulling me into a lethargic spread,
to stay and sleep and ignore the numbers,
until I choke upon the threads.

So every day I must betray
that blanket on my bed,
for though I fear the evil under
the monster's within my head.

Monday, October 17, 2011

on repentance

for all we have done, but did not do well,
for all we have not done, but tripped and fell,
for all that we said, but did not say swell,
for all that we loved, but whose hearts did sell,
this is our prayer, our song of true repentance,
breathed into the air, whispered with reverence,
for though we may fail, in so many a sight,
we must always try to do that which is right,
turn our backs to the darkness, and towards the light,
and speak of the truth, in this cold, cold night.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chocolate cake

May your love be like smooth chocolate cake,
where even the bitter is so sweet to taste,
and where it is something you could eat every day,
although have too much of it and you will gain weight,
but if with the very best ingredients you do try to bake,
your chubby heart will be cheery full of it--
from your very first bite, 'til the very last lick
of your clean plate.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Fashion Designer

Dear Mr. Fashion Designer, if you please,
there's no room in this outfit for knees,
this corset's so tight I can't breathe,
and those shoes make even Cinderella squeeze.

So Mr. Fashion Designer, would you please,
design something just as fashionable for me?
For I am beautiful as much as she,
so why can't we all just dance and be free?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This sun filled night

I was born into this world a half-blind child,
and there I grew behind a web of milky lines,
and in that cloudy cage, I bid my time,
in that fantasy of life, I thought so fine,
for the glimpses of outside seemed so unkind.

But when I was twenty-one they cut out my eyes,
dusted off the cobwebs, to let the sun shine,
now two acrylic windows, carved into my mind,
and they said 'look out, doesn't it seem so fine?'
and all I wanted was to stay in that world of mine,
for with such perfection, the rest seemed lies.

But once I was torn, I could no longer hide,
I had to live in both, the in and out side,
and it seemed no matter how much I did try,
I crashed and collapsed, and I cut and cried.

And I thought, they gave me eyes, but I still am blind.
For they gave me eyes, but I don't understand sight.

And so for ten years I've wandered, in this sun filled night,
Hoping to uncover the truth, that is the light.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a draught of (dis)content

And now to the source of our discontent--
weary with the world, with how it went,
with the price of the past, we poorly spent,
with the fruit the future, left to ferment,
with the languishing of love, our life's lament,
with this read of reality, we undoubtedly resent,
for the emptiness of self, endless torment.

And now to the cause of our soul's ascent--
wakening to the world, we new invent,
to those regrets and remembrance, we may repent,
to the trees of tomorrow, their soil augment,
to the song of sisterhood, our spirit's sent,
to this perception of true purpose, we can present
for this choice sealed wine, conditioned on consent.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

more digital ink

the blood of this world is now digital ink,
for we live and breathe by what is typeset,
seeing and hearing by what others think,
fed through the life-cord of the internet.

and whether that word smells sweet or stinks,
all depends upon the blood we beget,
and whether our world rises, or whether sinks, 
all depends upon our own mindset.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The writer's new clothes

Those sticks and stones did break me some,
but it was the names that really hurt me,
for they named me ugly, and they named me dumb,
they named me monster. They named me dirty.

And for a while it seemed those names had won,
I bore those names with a shame and a worry,
because I believed in what they said I was,
I wore those names like an old blanket or jersey.

And just when it seem'd I would suffocate and die
from those names that I had sadly made mine, 
something made me get off of that cruel gurney,
to once again resume that long, long journey.

It was a song, a song of Names--
of Names Divine.
Of Names of love and Names of beauty.
Of Names of truth, of justice.  
Of Names of Glory.

And when the perfect harmony lit up the air,
in the new light, I saw that was wearing no thing!
Indeed, those old names had left me bare,
like that foolish king, my rags were of imagining.

So I decided to make these Names my new wear,
to arm myself with their power and lustre,
for those Names had been spun with such love and care,
with might beyond that which anyone else could muster.

And now I have made these Names my Armor,
I am protected by their unassailable virtue,
for when you wear clothes of faith and honor,
there isn't anything that can hurt you.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

brevity and levity

I'm not one for longevity
so hope you'll excuse this brevity
for 'tis matched with equal amounts of levity
as I sing you this sweet melody:
for you see, today is the day
to jump around and shout HEY!
to sing callahoo and callahay
to be thankful and pray
for this day was the day
that He showed me the way
and if I can do what I say
it's there I'm gonna stay.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Tower of Self

Let me tell you a story,
of a princess named Corey,
who lived in a tower,
with always a glower,
for though she had tresses,
and loads of green dresses,
she was completely alone,
ever on her own,
with nothing to do,
but sit and be blue,
and dally and dream,
and ponder the mean,
And just hope for one thing,
that super-duper something,
that another might bring,
if they burst in so bravely, 
like a knight conquering knavery,
saving her from slavery.

It seemed forever that she waited,
indeed, she began to hate it,
and after a while it had been so long,
that it was clear she was all wrong,
for it seemed no one was going to come,
and lead her into the sun,
And so she began to cry,
and think of ways to die, 
because she loathed the inside,
tired of the seek and hide,
so she wept and wailed and moaned,
'til the tower rang with groans,

And just when she was about drowned,
in all the tears sloshing around,
a bright idea came to her head,
that seemed better than being dead--
that is, to stop crying,
and rather to start trying,
so she did what never was done before,
that is, she went to the front door,
creeping down the dusty stairs, with a candle,
she tried the rusty lock, and the handle,
and with a creak the door opened,
and then the light just poured in,
it brightened the whole world,
it reawakened this poor girl.

And so with a grin and a sigh,
she bid the dark tower goodbye,
and skipped out into the sky,
finding herself quite spry,
she danced around her tower,
with a giggle and a flower.

And there she found a life in the sun,
nothing had to save her-- she was ever the one.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A very important date

Was fixin' my overcoat, was straightenin' my facade,
Was soundin' my last notes, on my way to see God,
When suddenly I cursed, taking a look at my bad dress,
knowin' He'll see me at my worst, as well as at my best,
for He has got that all-knowin', all-perceivin' great eye,
and anywhere you go, there's never anything you can hide,
But then I thought, whatever I am, God made me like this,
so why should He my soul remand, if I am found remiss?
And then just as suddenly, something clearer came to mind,
that just 'cause He made me, doesn't mean this failin' ain't mine,
and though He can see me, doesn't mean I shouldn't strive,
to ever show the good me, make the best my only side,
for if I am to love God, I must love His creation in turn,
and what am I but of God, from cradle to beyond urn,
So I must always try to do that which is best, 
whether that's from pride, or whether more selfless, 
So I will always try to be the me that is best,
even though sometimes, my heart's a big mess.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

black licorice and bug spray

black licorice and bug spray
      that's the taste of my day
both minty and musty
       a bit metallic and rusty
and it all is quite yucky                             
       yet I consider myself lucky                       
for when you're gnawed on by flies
        and dazzled by why's
what you want is to eat candy 
        and play.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a poor actuary

If you're a gonna judge me
on my size
then you're a really poor actuary
of people's lives.

Monday, October 3, 2011

And how are you today?

I do not mean to cavil at this cold civility
as this stasis can be sustained, quite suitably,
and maybe it is better than the anger and the jealousy
that so often gushes underneath all such pleasantry;
But some part of me knows that these polite relations,
will never lead us aright, to those more exalted stations,
for our hearts must burn with love for every one we meet,
how much more so, when the world that bore you, also bore me?
Then can we really smile and turn away so easily,
when we see those smiles are plastered on so very unevenly?
At least take my hand, even if it's not for comforting,
for such acknowledgement might dispel this conjured apathy,
And to feel again-- to know you feel again. Like corpses quickening.
Well, that is worth more than this hollow life, and all of its pageantry.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The flea that bit me

Hark now, thou fulsome flea, 
thou believest thou bitest me?
For 'tis only a woman thou feastest upon,
flesh and blood gone, the essence lives on,
Thus thy pointed teeth can in no wise needle me,
thou penetratest nothing, my spirit remains free,
So go on, do try and drinkest thy fill,
thou wilt never devour this iron Will,
But do not thinkest that in blood we mingle into one,
as that prize which thou hast pilfered, can only be won,
For my heart beats stronger than any presumptuous pest,
anxiously waiting for that Other, that One who is best.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The quintessence

this all matters not one jot
if finally, we have thought naught,
for we think, therefore we are,
and thus we see beyond the stars,
for there can be no self-actuality,
without perception of true reality,
so we must search for more understanding,
find that quintessence upon which we're standing,
as true thought comes from the soul,
without this, we're just empty holes.