Thursday, August 4, 2011

Filling in the Empty Skies

Some days the words flow easily
from the ink of my fountain pen
glimpses of a world beyond reckoning
of this poor, mortal kid.

And then there's days like today
as if the well of my creativity has run dry
and that shimmering door seems so closed 
to my bloodshot, broken eyes

I need a little inspiration today
a sweet story to satiate my restless mind
I need a little imagination today
small things satisfy an insomniac's life,
the lucid dreams of never-dreamed,
soothe all these sleepless, endless nights:

(a spinning dance in a desert land, 
intoxicated by a cool, green lullaby
or a liquid gaze upon pure starlight 
entranced with those merry fireflies)

Perhaps I'm just hoping that today,
Just maybe, I'll find a way 
of filling in the space 
beyond the empty skies.

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